Post-graduation With Lidar

This page gives a list of the institution in Latin America where our students can go to work with Lidar in their Post-Graduation studies. The idea is to have a centralized list with basic information about the selection criteria, research areas, links to the important webpages, who to contact for more information, etc.

There are, of course, much more research institution on atmospheric physics / sciences in Latin America. These other institutions, where there is no Lidar work, are listed in the other page: Post-graduation in atmosphere

If some of this information is incomplete, incorrect or need update, please contact me using the link in the lower right corner.



The Physics Institute ( of the University of Sao Paulo ( has 6 departments and about 150 faculty in total. In the Department of Applied Physics ( there is the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics ( IF-USP has both master and doctorate programs. The selection process has basically two steps. First you need to take the so-called Unified Exam in Physics ( This is an exam prepared by the Brazilian Society in Physics which covers, at an under-graduate level, the topics of: classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, thermo and statistical physics. Practically all physics institutes in all universities in Brazil use this exam as the first selection criteria for their post-graduation programs. The exam is applied in many different places across Brazil, and also, upon request, on many Latin American countries. When you apply for the exam, you must tell to which universities you want your results to be sent to. The second step is then the internal selection, which is based on your score, your curriculum and whether or not you already have an advisor, etc. More details you can be found here:


Its a research institute on nuclear physics ( with many centers...


The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte is located in the northeast of Brazil, in a city called Natal which sits on the coast. They have a new post-graduate program which started about 5 years ago....