Person in charge

Ricardo Forno G.
Laboratorio de Física de la Atmósfera
Edif. Fac. Ciencias Puras, piso 3. Campus Universitario,
calle 27 Cota - Cota, La Paz, Bolivia
Email: rforno (at) chacaltaya (dot) edu (dot) bo / rforno (at) gmail (dot) com
Phone: 591 - 2 - 2799155

Other people involved

María Fernanda SánchezPhysicsMasters Student

Experimental Sites

1La Paz
Location: S 16º 32´17.3´´ S 68º 04´07.1´´ W , 3420 m asl
1 Scanning elastic Lidar at 532 nm
1 Sunphotometer (CIMEL) from the AERONET network
1 Brewer spectrophotometer belonging to INPE, Brazil.
2 YES UVB-1 Pyranometers
2 Automatic Meteorological Station
2Chacaltaya GAW Station (related site)
Location: S 16º 21.014´ S 68º07.886 ´ W , 5240 m asl