Phd position in Granada'

We are looking for candidates for a PhD grant funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science for the following project: Proyecto de Retos y Excelencia: Enabling adaptation to cLimate changE by Management of Ecosystem carboN and water bALance-ELEMENTAL- (Código: CGL2017-83538-C3-1-R)

The candidate will conduct field work mainly focused in an olive orchard located in (Úbeda, Jaén). Main tasks will be: (1) Maintenance of ecosystem "flux-tower stations" (CO2/H2O eddy covariance fluxes + environmental variables) and data processing; (2) CO2/H2O chamber campaigns at leaf, plant and soil level and data processing; (3) campaigns to determine the atmospheric boundary layer structure and properties using a Doppler lidar and radiosondes. The contract will be for 4 years and the candidates must be admitted in a doctoral program for the 2018/2019 academic year in the moment of presentation of the request or must be in a position to be admitted on the date which formalizes the contract. Application deadline: from October 9 to October 29, 2018 at 15.00h, both inclusive (Spanish peninsular time).

More details and application submission information can be found here

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Regards, Penélope and Juan Luis

Phd position in Barcelona

The RSLab of the UPC, Barcelona, Spain, is looking for some candidates to apply to national and regional PhD grants to realize a 3- to 4-year PhD formation in the field of aerosol lidar and radiative forcing at the RSLab.

For the national grants (deadline 29/10) the candidate must have a master diploma or be currently registered in a Master course.

For the regional grants (deadline 25/10) the candidate must have a master diploma.

For more details, please contact Michael Sicard (

Postdoc position in Brazil - September 13th 2018

The Physics Institute of the University of Sao Paulo is advertising a postdoc position. Applications go until October 13, and international applicants are welcome. To be eligible you must have completed your phd, but not more than 7 years ago. It can be renewed every year, up to five years maximum.

Deadline: 13TH TO OCTOBER 13TH 2018

More information:

Dear Eduardo and Boris,

There is the possibility for students (engineers and graduated) from Latin America to apply for PhD grants of the Carolina Fundation ( to be realized in Spanish universities. Deadline for submission: 6 April.

UPC has been assigned 4 of these grants. And I see that Univ. Granada, Univ. Valladolid and Univ. Valencia, among others, have also a number of grants assigned.

Can you please forward this message to the LALINET email distribution list? And maybe post it in the NEWS menu of Lalinet webpage?

If any student is interested to apply for a grant at UPC, please contact me!

Hope you are doing well! Regards,

Michael Sicard

1st ACTRIS WP2 Workshop on Profiling of aerosols and clouds 23-25 Nov 2015, Leipzig, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

on behalf of Ulla Wandinger, we would like to invite you to participate in the 1st ACTRIS-2 WP2 workshop on Profiling of aerosols and clouds.

The workshop will take place on November 23-25 at the Leipzig Science Park, Germany.

It will be collocated with the EARLINET General Assembly (for EARLINET members only) on Monday morning (23 Nov), a Cloudnet Technical Meeting on Thursday (26 Nov), and the Final Meeting of the sub-group O1 of the German HD(CP)2 project on Friday (27 Nov).

ACTRIS WP2 partners are requested to attend the workshop at least from Monday, 2 pm till Wednesday, 6 pm.

For Workshop information, a preliminary agenda and registration, please see the ACTRIS website at:

Please note that you should rapidly proceed with the booking of rooms, it is a busy time of the year in Leipzig and many hotels fill rapidly.

Thank you for circulating the mail to those interested, and my apologies for any cross postings.

Best regards, Sabine

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BRASIL - CNPq/TWAS - Fellowships - 2015

Call for Applications CNPq-TWAS, Form, Guidelines, Acceptance letter, Postgraduate Programs, Applications and etc... can be found on the CNPq website:

PhD Studentship
IR Vision System for Cloud Detection and Monitoring Wolfson School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Loughborough University
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BRASIL - CNPq/TWAS - Fellowships - 2013

Call for Applications 03-2013 - CNPq-TWAS, Form, Guidelines, Acceptance letter, Postgraduate Programs, Applications and etc... can be found on the CNPq website:

CNPq/TWAS - Full-Time PHD Fellowship - GD 2013
CNPq/TWAS - Sandwich PHD Fellowship - SWP 2013
CNPq/TWAS - Postdoctoral Fellowship - PDJ 2013

Applications from 01/05/2013 to 05/07/2013