Person in charge

Juan Vicente Pallotta, Dr. Engineering, Researcher CEILAP
Juan Bautista de La Salle 4397
B1603ALO Villa Martelli, Provincia de Buenos Aires
e-mail: juanpallotta (at) gmail (dot) com, jpallotta (at) citedef (dot) gob (dot) ar

Other people involved

Orte, FacundoDr. in Env.Tech.Researcher
Nicora, María GabrielaDr. in GeophysicsResearcher
D´Elía, RaúlTechnicianCONICET
Diaz, NahuelTechnicianCONICET

Experimental Sites

1Observatorio Atmosférico de la Patagonia Austral - Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz)
LOCATION (Google Maps): -51.60043, -69.31937, 19m asl
4 Mobile laboratories with the dimensions of 9m and 6m long containers
1 Stratospheric Ozone differential absorption lidar (Nd:YAG, Xe:Cl) Elastic and Raman Channels
1 Sunphotometer (CIMEL) from the AERONET network
2 YES UVA – UVB Radiometers
1 Spectrometer SAOZ Network belonging to Service d’Aéronomie, France.
1 Brewer belonging to INPE, Brazil.
1 Shortwave GUV Biospherical Ins. Radiometer
1 Kipp&Zonen Piranometer
1 Meteorological Station
1Millimeter-wave radiometer (Mesospheric Ozone Measurements)