Pilot Campaign 2012


During the 26th IRLC in Porto Heli, Greece, after a brainstorm about ALINE (and LALINET) it was decided that a pilot campaign in 2012 was a very good exercise.

  • Landulfo’s suggestion: 2o week of September of 2012
  • Exercise on measurements and data analysis
  • Measurements during the period 08:00 to 20:00
  • What each one would provide:
    • Cuba: Radiative forcing and back trajectories (HYSPLIT and FLEXPART) calculations
    • Edith ( Retrieve AOD from MODIS for field campaign period and check the option to contact of SILAM-FMI researchers for data comparison
    • Fabio: Check the CALIPSO overpasses over ALINE stations
    • Argentina: Protocols from their own network. (Ezequiel) Synthetic Lidar signal and PBL retrieve algorithms.
    • Chile: Contact to LIDAR commercial owners in Santiago to check the option for participating during ALINE field campaign and, organisation and definition of measurement protocol for ALINE field campaign
    • CALIPSO data comparison
    • Retrieve T and HR profiles from COSMIC network
    • Setup a special session in the VII Workshop in Chile, next year. All groups taking part in the pilot –campaign should present their results. Intercomparisons should be made. Protocols could emerge from the discussion: both for measuring as for analyses.

Measurement Specification

    • Start date: 10/September/2012
    • End date: 14/September/2012 (but we can do +1 week if everybody agrees)
    • Integration time: 1-minute, but we have space in the FTP for groups measuring with higher time resolution.
    • Period: from 8am to 8pm because most Lidar groups cannot leave their systems unattended.
  • DATA
    • ASCII is the preferred format as everyone can easily read and write. However, binary format (e.g. Licel) are ok if the group provides the appropriate routines for reading and writing.
    • Will be stored in our FTP server, a folder for each group, with sub-folders for:
      • Original raw data (if group wants to share that)
      • 1-min raw data
      • Processed 1-min raw data

Weather Forecasts

Glauber Mariano is proving every night an analysis of the circulation over South America and a probabilistic forecasts for the detection of long range transport of biomass burning at each lidar station. These are based on output of BRAMS model as distributed in their official air quality homepage.

Week 1. Please note that itens with an "?" are not yet available.

Data Availability and Policy

A gentleman's agreement was firmed by everyone taking part in this collaboration in which we agreed that:

  • All groups will provide data taken during our campaigns and this will be shared with everyone in the collaboration;
  • Data taken during our campaigns are to be used only within our group and should not be redistributed to other people, unless authorized by the original data owner(s);
  • All groups are encouraged to analyse the raw data from different groups and to provide feedback;
  • Publications of any kind that uses data taken during our campaigns must discussed with the groups leaders or authorized by each data owner.