LALINET Data Policy

The public domain data available from LALINET are contributed by the International LALINET Federation. Each site has a Principal Investigator(s) (PI), responsible for deployment, maintenance, and data collection. The PI(s) has priority use of the data collected at the site(s). The PI(s) is entitled to be informed of any other use of the data. All project operations, calibrations, and data processing are coordinated by each LALINET station PI.

Although journal paper authorship and acknowledgement is the domain of the senior author and no policy is universally applicable, the LALINET contributors ask that every practical attempt be made to honor the following general guidelines.

Using LALINET data:

Please consult with the LALINET station PI(s) of the data to be used.

Publishing LALINET data:

Please identify the type of data usage in your publication:

  • Significant contribution to the paper/presentation: Please offer co-authorship to the PI(s).
  • Minor contribution to the paper/presentation: Please consider co-authorship for the PI(s).

Please provide final citation information to the PI(s) upon publication. This helps us identify use of project data and ensure continued support to the earth science community.

LALINET Citations:

LALINET publications must be cited for use of our data. Appropriate citations are available on our Publications page.


Please include the following acknowledgements in any publication or presentation of LALINET data, regardless of co-authorship status.

  • The site PI(s) provide specific funding acknowledgements.

Please include the following for any PI(s) not included as co-author:

  • We thank the LALINET (PI) for (its/theirs) effort in establishing and maintaining (site name(s)) sites.

Please contact the relevant LALINET project PI and LALINET partner site PI(s) according to our data policy above.