DUSTER is a monostatic biaxial lidar system. Emitter consists of a 20Hz Nd:YAG laser (Brilliant da Quantel SA). Receiving system uses a Cassengrain telescope with primary mirror diameter of 35 cm. Light is split to 4 detection channels: 1064 nm, 532 nm (parallel), 532 nm (perpendicular) and 355 nm, all read by LICEL hardware. Vertical resolution is 7.5m.

LaserQ-switched Nd:YAG
Laser wavelength transmitted1064 nm, 532 nm parallel named (p), 532 nm perpendicular named (s) and 355 nm
Laser pulse energy400 mJ (1064); 200 mJ (532); 133 mJ (355)
Pulse duration7 ns
Pulse repetition rate20 Hz
Laser beam divergence0.5 mrad
Beam Expander5X
Periscope and output mirrors 
Telescope type300 mm Cassegrain carbon-plastic
Mirror diameter33 cm
Focal ratio 
DetectorPMT (300 – 900 nm) e APD (1064 nm)
Interference filter 
Data AcquisitionLICEL transient recorder 20 MHz/12 bit
Range resolution7.5 m