Villa Martelli HSRL Data Sheet

The multiwavelength Raman Lidar is operational at CITEDEF (Institute of Science and Technology Research for the Defense) placed at Villa Martelli in the surroundings of Buenos Aires. The system has been upgraded to High Spectral Resolution. It is acquiring about 120 profiles per hour in continuous operations.

No fiber optics are used and the light focussed at the the iris is collimated and sent to the optical detection box. Beam splitter, dichroic beamsplitters and polarizing bandpass filters separates the signal on its components. Interference filters as well as idodine molecular filter (for high spectral separation) bring the spectral purity to the acquired channels. Elastics back scattered signal 1064 nm are collected in a Avalanche photodiode from Licel. Elastic signals from 532 nm and 355 nm (cross and co polarized and high spectral resolution for 532 nm channel) and the inelastic signals due to the Raman cross-section of N2 (387 nm and 607 nm), H2O (408 nm) are collected in fotomultiplier-tubes. Signals from 355 and 532 nm are recorded in analog and photon-counting modes simultaneously, while raman signals are only recorded in photon counting mode.

Laser typeSolid stale Nd:YAG laser (Surelite II 10 - Continuum) \\Seeded @ 1111 Iodine absorption line
Wavelength1064 nm, 532 nm, 355nm
Pulse energy690 mJ @ 1064nm
Repetition10 Hz
Divergence0.5 mrad
Pulse duration4 - 7 nm
Expandernot used
Rain proofyes
Diameter = 20 cm
Focal length = 1 m
DetectorsPMT 355o - Hamamatsu H10721-110
PMT 355p - Hamamatsu H10721-110
PMT 387r - Hamamatsu H10721-110
PMT 408r - Hamamatsu H10721-110 (not connected but available)
PMT 532o - Hamamatsu H10721-20
PMT 532p - Hamamatsu H10721-20
PMT 532h - Hamamatsu H10721-20
PMT 607r - Hamamatsu H10721-20
APD 1064 - LICEL APD 3.0
Data acquisitionSpecification
Detection range (approximate)350 m - 13 km
Range resolution7,5 m
Elastic channelsTransient recorder. 12 Bit, 20Ms/s. (TR20-12bit-LICEL)
Raman channelsTransient recorder. 12 Bit, 20Ms/s. (TR20-12bit-LICEL)