The Latin America Lidar Network (LALINET a.k.a ALINE) is a Latin American coordinated lidar network measuring aerosol backscatter coefficient and aerosol extinction profiles for climatological studies of the aerosol distribution over Latin America, as well as other atmospheric species such as ozone and water vapor. This federative lidar network aims to establish a consistent and statistically sound database for enhancement of the understanding of the aerosol distribution over the continent and its direct and indirect influence on climate.

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LALINET is a contributing network to the GAW Programme.


The local organising committee of the VIII WLMLA, held last April in Cayo Coco - Cuba, prepared a report Meeting Report. Please visit our Newsletter and Reports page for downloading the document.

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Calbuco Volcano

Chile's Calbuco volcano is seen from the town of Puerto
Montt on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, as it spews a high
column of ash and lava.
Photo: Diego Main/AFP/Getty Images LINK

Many of our Lidar stations are in the region affected by the Calbuco Volcano. For more information on our measurements, please see our special page on the Calbuco volcano eruption.

Lalinet Stations

Download Google Earth KML. Last updated on 28/Apr/2015.